Jul 18, 2022

It's Hot Out -- Maybe Go See a Movie?


Temperatures this upcoming week looks quite hot, peoples… Be sure to hydrate.  Get some ice ready and ice packs 🧊 Find another refreshing bev of choice that isn’t too caffeinated to jazz it up for yourself; Marisa & I really enjoy Arnold Palmers which are half iced tea, half lemonade πŸ‹ Consider a cool shower 🚿 Keep window shades / curtains down in the hot sun πŸͺŸ What else πŸ€”

A/C is hilariously complicated in an old building — we have to turn off all other electronics to turn our window unit on πŸ˜‚ Some peeps don’t love A/C — they’re not a fan, so to speak.  They prefer: fans.

If you’re ocean bound 🌊 or other large water source bound, just gauge how long you’re in the sun, even under an umbrella πŸ–. Hot sun. 🌞 Coat it up with sunscreen, damnit.  Coat. It. Up. 🧴

Maybe visit some A/C someplace else. Adventure to the grocery store!  Maybe it’ll be fun. 😬πŸ₯¬ Journey to the inside of your car 🚘🧊

If it feels safe to you personally 😷 maybe a movie would be 🎞 fun?  My friend Lani Starr told me that the Leonard Cohen documentary “HALLELUJAH” is outstanding.  And I would highly, highly, highly, highly recommend “MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON.”  It’s a documentary, too. Bring tissues. 🐚 It’s “life-affirming” 😭 and so funny and fun for whole fam πŸ₯°

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