Dec 2, 2021

from Every Girl A Sorcerer

On the corner of Hopper Road & Magritte Lane, lives a damsel in this dress, see. 
It's a green dress which has accompanied this damsel around the world and for years now.  Just the two of them as well as a surprisingly compact portmanteau with many splendid treasures tucked within -- a mandolin, a cloak covered in stars and moon and said to be possessing magical qualities, a tea cup and saucer and solar-electric kettle, a geode filled with hot purple light, crystals in colors typically only made visible above and below and behind and in all ways prepositionally related to the stripes of a rainbow, many assorted keys, ancient scrolls and miniature tomes, elixirs in bottles changing daily in color like the sea and the sky, and many other items to discuss, including, of course, a special compartment for this one particular green dress which had arrived on a crisp autumn day, years ago, 20 years in fact, on her 22nd birthday to be exact, wrapped in pristine glassine, delivered to her home address with a note in mysterious, yet strangely familiar longhand that read:
To adventure is to live! ~S.
And that was when, compelled by the invitation of an intriguing note and a dress the color of the earthiest, truest green, her adventure began.   

© 2021 Amanda Gates-Elston