Jul 26, 2022

Only Murders in the Building: Bunny Folger



Credits:  Photo 1: Only Murders in the Building title screen, Hulu.  Photo 2:  Screenshot during episode entitled, "The Last Day of Bunny Folger." Release date: July 5, 2022, Dir. by Jude Weng.  
So exciting to watch theatre great Jayne Houdyshell crush it on "Only Murders in the Building."
Overheard next to me on the sofa, “I would watch an entire series about the character of Bunny just going about her day,” spoken by Marisa, my partner 🙂🦜

Houdyshell captures a particular type of New Yorker — outwardly surly, intensely loving.  

It’s a glorious ensemble.  I love Selena Gomez (fangirl here!) as the very chill, knowing, deadpan Mabel, foil to the comedic soft shoe of Steve Martin & Martin Short as Charles & Oliver. 😂 Generational comedy splendor.  
Excited to see what unfolds. ✨🍏🎧
(July 12, 2022 🖉 AG-E)

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