Apr 5, 2011

spring is in the air!

over the weekend, i'll convert a few song tracks into wav files and post them on bandcamp (zando8grl.bandcamp.com -- thank you for setting this up, webmaster rollin!), and i'll collaborate with friends on a webisode (we'll film at a coffeeshop in crown heights.  figuring out my character : )  

i'm taking a voice class right now (yay, susan main!) and learning to breathe and to relax everything (my neck, shoulders, jaw, tongue, joints) and to wake things up (my spine, it's electric!).  it's fun to imagine the breath coming all the way down from one's hip sockets. try it!  feels good. (do you find that it causes you to relax your abdominal and other pelvic-related muscles? hip!)

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