Apr 27, 2011

for the love of theatre!

dear readers!

hi!  so, a talented and wonderful theatre troupe -- aWe Creative Group -- is goin' to scotland! to present a fantastic play called G.I. Joe Jared; Based On One Really Bad Date written by a wonderful playwright, amy e. witting, in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

the group needs a slingshot to get them from nyc-bklyn-queens (over the high seas, mind you!) to edinburgh!  click on the link below, getting to know these wonderful peeps as i know them (see vid!), find out when you can see the show in nyc! (hint: this july!), and find yourselves so endeared by them that you will want to put them inside your purse. or want to open up your purse and flip sweet coinage their wayhttp://www.indiegogo.com/aWe-Creative-Group?c=activity

for the love of theatre, for the love of scotland (as you know, i am rather partial to both), 

p.s. i went to the Fringe as a spectator 10 years ago.  it was bliss.  it's in my atoms for the rest of time.  i wish aWe Creative Group joy and magic in their adventures there this august : ) 

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