Apr 8, 2011

a moment together

today i saw three guys having coffee together outside the hungarian pasty shop:
one guy wore a long overcoat (dick tracy yellow)he leaned back deep in a plastic chair and taptaptapped on his laplaplaptop.  he looked like the joker of the pack.  he was doing his own thing. and yet!  he was inextricably linked to the two other guys, make no mistake...his energy connected him to the others.
the man in the middle wore a black business suit and his handsomeness and hair had shine. he was powerful, make no mistake, he was, quite simply, the sun, and yet! he somehow used his power to connect himself to the others...he was the bridge between the first man and the third man, the bicycle man.
the bicycle man wore bicycle clothes: red, white, yellow, green, turquoise, orange, pink. his eyes were quick and bright, his body agile, ready to fold up and ride away or take his friends on an adventure. he was the opposite of the joker, and yet! he himself was a card, make no mistake.
w h y  a m  i  t e l l i n g  y o u  t h i s  s t o r y -- and in this way? 
in one way, these guys were three different types: a cynic, a businessman, an athlete.  in another way, these three guys were the same person.  each was the other's sun; each was a planet, too, orbiting and dancing for the others; they each played a role, then swapped and shuffled cards again.... i could imagine them switching clothes and countenances and no one would know... i could imagine one actor playing all three in a film.
is there anything more to tell you?  
yes.  it's the reason i'm really telling you this story.  
when i walked by, i felt: love, unmistakable, emanating from their table. and i understood something more about what love is.  love is being oneself with others.  


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