Apr 22, 2011


dear earth,  how are you?  you can be honest.  happy earth day!  we are celebrating you today!  as we should be doing everyday.  your ecosystem is spectacular, by the way.  thank you for providing an amazing home for us humans and animals and flowers and trees alike!  thank you for your simplicity, your symmetries, and your wild uncontainables. and your beautiful colors!  you're an inspiration.  literally!  you allow us to breathe.  it's scary when you go through seismic shifts. i wish you wouldn't!  sorry to accuse you.  they're hard to understand, though!  i know that in anthropomorphizing you, i'm trying to make you take responsibility, as if you were a corporation.  thankfully, you are not.  there is plenty that humans can take responsibility for on the corporation front, the civic responsibility front, the global responsibility front.  in calling you "you," it's probably a give-away that i see you as a protective force, like mother nature or like a god...probably hoping that you're looking out for us (knock on wood!).  you know, even though science could be seen as indifferent, and this is a helpful viewpoint sometimes, i also know that everything -- e v e r y t h i n g ! in our global ecosystem responds to one thing, and it is the opposite of indifferent.  that thang?  love ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )  so, earth, if you're ok with it, i will continue to address you as you : )  as a living, breathing being which feels and responds to love.  i hope we give you love everyday -- not with the tacit understanding that you'll protect us as in some kind of alliance or business deal or as if you're a fatherly president or a loving mama bear, but with the hope that we meet you halfway in the magnificence and responsibility of being here together.  through love, i hope we find focus in egoless, planetary goodness.  yours truly, amanda  (just a tiny planet walkin' along on this big planet!)

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